Real Life Swashbuckling Pirates

Real Life PiratesMaybe it was a little premature to declare the bootleg hawking Pirate of the backstreets to be a dying breed.

For sun has finally hit these shores in some meaningful sense of the word, and it was a lazy Sunday afternoon fit for the Kinks themselves. To the Pub! To the sunny, if not so green beer garden down the way!

And settled as I was, beverage in hand, my heart genuinely dropped to see a chap with backpack and DVD’s doing the rounds. Most tables gave him short thrift, but he managed to find one table where they were happy to specifically ask our man here if he had any pornos going spare.

I mean COME ON. Haven’t you people heard of The Internet?

Christ, if ever there was an industry that took a kicking from piracy then it must surely be that of adult entertainment. You rarely hear the Federation Against Copyright Theft speaking out in their defence. Perhaps a few lessons could be learnt from the one film industry which in spite of online piracy embraced the anonymity the internet offered and sold that fact to its legions of ‘keep-it-behind-closed-doors’ customers.

Still, the staff at this pub were quick to spot what was going on and duly sent Mister Shakey-cam on his way. Which then begs the question: why don’t FACT (et al) target pubs and open workplaces that attract the bootleg hawkers? I doubt there are many hostelleries that are glad to see illegal wares being peddled under their roof. Let alone porn.

I mean COME ON. Porn? In a pub? In the middle of the day? On a Sunday?  From a pirate?

Seriously. People. Whats. Wrong. With. Just. Going. On. The. Int. Er. Net?

In other vaguely related piratey news, PC World have started running an advert saying how they’ll help set you up to stream (illegally) downloaded films from the PC in your study to the TV in your living room. Which is a handy alternative to bootleg DVD’s if you’re really fucking desperate to watch porn on something other than your computer.

Movie World at PC World
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