Steven Seagal Street Art

steven-seagal-street-artI swear to God I didn’t do this. It just appeared on a bollard near my workplace, just three days after my initial Seagal Gallery of Shame. Is the Mojo Priest set to break back into public consciousness?

Maybe the Seagal revival/reappraisal starts here? Maybe we need to reconsider the Chungdrag Dorje’s cultural impact? The great French cineastes on the 1930’s rediscovered the great Melies long after he fell into obscurity. Maybe it’s time we did the same for Seagal, before he disappears into the Direct-to-Video mire? But where to begin?

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One thought on “Steven Seagal Street Art

  1. xyz says:

    Honestly, sometimes I can’t distinguish between Steven Seagal and Jim Belushi.

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