Video Nasties!

video-nastiesGood horror films always have a nasty tendency of lingering beyond the cinema auditorium, and the creative forces behind these features always boast of the nightmares they weave into the minds of the impressionable.

And while it’s enjoyable enough to allow Wes Craven, John Carpenter or even Old Man Romero to come tickling and torturing the primal fears lodged in our Id, there’s a big place in my heart for the cheaper, smuttier horror which you just can’t wash off your hands.

While people and publciations love churning out top-whatever lists, year after year, there is only one list truly worth my love and devotion. It stands above all other lists as goverment approved and bound in legislation: it is the Video Nasties list, compiled by the British Director of Public Prosecutions as films wholly unsuitable to delicate British eyes.


It is without doubt the number one shopping list for the grottiest end of the horror genre.  You might have come across a few, with titles like The Driller Killer, The Last House on the Left and (perhaps most famous of all) The Evil Dead all finding success on the fringes of the mainstream. They are all prime examples of films peppered with scenes, icons, motifs you just can-not forget. So where better to train my already Burnt Retina?

As a side project within this blog I will be trawling my way through all the video nasties I can possibly get my hands on. By hook or by crook, whatever format’s doing the rounds I will set myself down and watch ’em.

With over 80 titles to get through it’s going to be hard work, but no doubt there’ll be some fine gems out there. I’ll be progressing in alphabetical order, so lord knows how I’ll fare having to watch four films with the prefix DON’T in their title. How many cannibal films will I be able to stomach? Will I be able to cut it through dozens of slasher rip-offs? How much badly dubbed Italian can I endure?

Time will tell. Stay tuned for more, starting with A very soon.

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